“It’s a very rewarding job. We’ve built up a relationship with our service users and they are like family to us, if we can do something for them, we will.”

Jennifer and Jackie have known each other for years and work very well with each other as a result. The impact they have on people’s lives as a carer is life-changing. They not only support the service users but also their family members who all speak very highly of the service they are receiving from Jennifer and Jackie. Jennifer and Jackie encourage their service users such as Harry, Sadie and Phillis to achieve their full potential.

Here is a brief overview of their day as carers.


The morning run consists of Jackie and Jennifer assisting those who need extra support together and then separating to support multiple service users in their daily tasks. The morning run mainly consists of getting service users ready for the day by getting them washed and dressed and making their breakfast. Each individual has their preferred routines which they will be supported in maintaining. Each of Jennifer’s service users has roughly half an hour assigned to them at a time.


At lunchtime service users often want to sit in their living room to eat their lunch which is in most instances assisted by Jennifer and Jackie. This time can be used to chat with the service user as well as their family if they are present. Jennifer thinks that this builds a trusting relationship between the carer and the service user. It also allows the service user to discuss their care and any relevant information such as goals they wish to meet or changes they want from their plan.