The safety and wellbeing of our service users and carers has always been our highest priority at SRS Care Solutions.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have put large amounts of effort to ensure our service users and staff are as protected as possible.

We have been constantly monitoring the situation, liaising with relevant healthcare authorities and care regulators and introducing suitable protocols and procedures to minimise risk and ensure service delivery.

All of our staff have been provided with additional guidelines and protocols and our training has been amended to ensure our staff know the correct procedures to minimise both risk for themselves and for our service users.

We have large amounts of PPE stocked up in advance which all our carers carry on them at all times. All our staff are highly trained and prepared on how to best use their PPE and the proper hygiene and disposal tips for their PPE as well. 

We understand these times are challenging, and we pride ourselves on offering mental health support to our staff through our company mental health team.