Click on on some of the benefits below to learn more about the many reasons a career with us is so rewarding.

At SRS Care Solutions, we believe in paying all of our staff a fair wage that reflects the hard work they put in. As such, we are an accredited Living Wage Employer and will always pay the Living Wage, which tends to go up every year.

We provide all the professional training you will need to start your career in care. We offer courses for those new to the field who have no experience as well as refresher training courses for experienced carers. Our training is conducted in our custom built training facilities by our trainers with years of experience within the care industry themselves.

There are many career progression opportunities available when you enter a career in care with us. Many of our carers have progressed with us from care assistant positions all the way to coordinator and managerial positions.

We provide free PVG updates for our staff if you are joining us, and will reimburse the cost of a new PVG for a new start once they have worked 140 hours with us.

All staff will receive their own free uniforms in their size when joining. 

At SRS, we have a mental health support member among our staff who is based in the Borders called Sandy. He recently won an emerging talent award at the Home & Housing Support Awards 2020!

Due to many of our clients locations being in rural areas, staff will often have to use their car to get from client to client. As such, we cover all mileage done from client to client. Mileage claims are easy to submit using our simple form.

We have fleet cars available in some of our locations available to certain staff for getting from client to client.

We pay both holiday pay as well as sick pay.

We offer flexible contracted hours that suit everyone. Whether you are wanting to work part time or full time, we often have a contract available that will suit your schedule.

We don’t believe in just throwing staff through training and then leaving them to fend for themselves out in the field. We provide constant on going support and refresher training courses to our staff to ensure they feel supported and confident within their role.

One of the biggest benefits of working a career in care with us is the immensely satisfying feeling of helping make a genuine difference in someones life. You will get to know many of your regular clients well so will enjoy spending time with them and helping them reach their goals of living as independent as possible.