SRS Care Solutions phenomenal carers. From 21, to 73.

(Pictured: Emma, Renfrewshire.) (Pictured back in February: Jeanette with divisional manager Jill Summers and director Mark Richardson.)

Care is one of the most inclusive and rewarding career paths you can take. At SRS, we pride ourselves on our diverse and unique care team who make us who we are. We believe care has no age limit and celebrate all of our staff individually for their unique characteristics. In this instance, we spoke with Jeanette (73) and Emma (21) about their experience within the care sector.

Jeanette has been working within our Borders office for the past two years. Her work ethic and compassion towards her service users is second to none, proving you can have a successful and happy career even in your seventies. Jeanette is passionate about care and finds SRS well suited to her as we were able to offer her Monday to Friday (morning) shifts suiting her work to home life balance as she cares for her father in law full time outside of work. The sense of community within her office is something in which she admires as she is able to pop into the office weekly for a catch up with the other members of staff. She believes she has overcome certain preconceptions about her age and hopes this helps others who may wish to pursue a career in care (at any age) to do so. There have also been a number of advantages to being an older carer brought to light through Jeanette’s experience. She has a lot in common with her clients whom she has a special relationship with as a result of visiting them every day and believes they may feel more comfortable receiving personal care from someone of a similar age. Jeanette’s advice to others who wish to follow in her footsteps would be that you should do it as it’s a career you can do for a long time, it’s a fantastic job and has been a life style choice for her.

Jeanettes managers say she is an absolute star to work alongside with a phenomenal work ethic, she is reliable and always goes above and beyond for those who she cares for with a strong vocation for care.

Emma was just 19 years old when she decided to pursue a career in care with SRS Care Solutions. Now, 21, Emma shares her story on how she has gone from strength to strength by entering the care industry full-time.

Emma has always been a passionate and caring individual, growing up caring informally for members of her family. This experience drove Emma to expand her skillset by becoming a Health and Social care student before deciding to search for work due to family circumstance. Emma says that SRS Care has given her a new found confidence, allowing her to talk to many different age groups and meet many interesting individuals.

Starting her career in care so early on in her life, Emma believes that she has been able to quickly learn and progress within the business as well as having extra time to train and better her skills through continuous learning. However; she believes there are also some areas of disadvantage as some clients may feel embarrassed that they are being cared for by a young person and sometimes you may face criticism from others that you are inexperienced due to your age. Emma overcomes this by building up a rapport with her clients, making them as comfortable as possible and adhering to their needs in a professional and friendly manner.  Her recommendation to others who wish to follow in her footsteps would be:

 ‘If you love people and want to be a carer then do it. You become so much more to people than just a carer’