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SRS Care Solutions is division of SRS Partnership. SRS partnership was established in 2015. We have a wealth of experience in Social Care. Our experienced management have worked in Social Care for over 20 years.
As a young, dynamic company we encourage our team to think outside the box to find solutions that suit you.
Our experienced staff are supported in their role and receive continuous learning and development to drive the best experience for our clients, our staff practice in:

  • Dignity and Respect
  • Wellbeing
  • Responsive Care and Support
  • Inclusivity
  • Compassion

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119 Pentagon Centre, 38 Washingston Street, Glasgow, G3 8AZ


“It is my personal wish for the support workers not to wear uniforms or ID badges when we go out as it looks more presentable, they show great care so I would say they work very professionally as they always look after me and attend to my every need. I feel lucky to have them. I would especially recommend William Mckillop for staff member of the month.”

JT (service user)

“ Karen Chrystal is who I would recommend for employee of the month. Staff are well presented and always on time. The support workers are always professional.”

JM (daughter of service user)

“Staff always wear uniform, ID badges and look hygienic. I have nothing bad to say about the staff. I’m quite happy with the service. Karen Crystal is my favourite, as she is very down to earth and easy to get on with, she has encouraged Natalie to start socialising.”

LB (next of kin to service user)

“ I’ve never had punctuality issues with SRS Care Solutions. The staff are all very nice and presentable and work to a professional standard. There was a small issue I had initially, but with one quick call to the office my issue was dealt with straight away. All of the staff should be employee of the month!”

KC (service user)

“Staff on time, they attend wearing full uniforms, ID badges and are well presented. They conduct themselves in a professional manner whilst working and I have no concerns whatsoever about the staff members, and would recommend each support worker equally.”

JM (next of kin to service user)

“The support workers are on time, professional and well presented. Craig Bonar really stands out for me as he is highly professional.”

LC (next of kin to service user)

“Staff are punctual and very professional. In short- I’m happy with the service. Kevin Foran is my favourite as he understands me.”

SK (service user)

“I’m happy with the service, I would like if one extra staff member would join  the team as they are all so understanding of Kevin’s needs. Craig Bonar is my favourite.”

JS (next of kin to service user)

“Initially there were teething problems, but the service has really improved, I’m happy with the service and team now. Staff are on time and look professional, they attend their shift wearing their ID badge, uniforms and are well presented. They conduct themselves in a professional manner whilst working. Elizabeth Scott is the employee I would recommend for employee of the month.”

LM (next of kin to service user)

“Staff are professional, Jocelyn Mackie is brilliant with my mother.”

MM (daughter of service user)

“I have no concerns about the staff, they are very pleasant and professional. Everyone is brilliant and professional I couldn’t just single one out in particular”

JW (service user)

“The staff arrive for the shift on time and work in a professional manner. All the staff are very nice.”

HB (service user)

“I am happy with the service and the staff conduct themselves in a professional manner.”

DP (service user)

“I’m happy with SRS’ care service- Jocelyn is always willing to go the extra mile!”

BA (daughter of service user)

“I would like to thank you for giving me a great, fully supportive and friendly team. Karen, Kathleen and William are great and I get on with each one of them. I think you clearly know William and I are a superb team even we both know we are so alike- William says we are like peas and carrots simply because they are the same. Hopefully we can work together 3 times in a week not just 2.”

JT (service user)